Since human is decorating the world with their appearance and world is getting decorated by the appearance of human being. But due to some self made errors all human being are suffering from different physical problems. Initially human had tackled these problems by self made natural therapeutics ways. But as time changed human started forgotten these natural ways of therapy. Because of this negligence today human is suffering from various physical problems. And every human is not getting proper care. Hectic life schedule has also intensified this problem.

Keeping all this in view; an enthusiastic and innovative person from South Korea Mr. Gyu Seok Baek founded first brick of Choyang Medical Instrument Co. Ltd. in the year 1993. Under this company Mr. Gyu Seok Baek with help of innovative scientists of therapy science of Research & Development department of Choyang Medical got made some unique products which are based on the theory of “Alternative Therapy“. With the help of these therapy equipments Choyang Medical is spreading health awareness and value of healthy life in Whole world.

And now this auspicious campaign of making healthy and happy mankind Choyang Medical has arrived in India and spreading health awareness in every part of India.

You also be a part of this campaign and spread health awareness in whole society.