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At present scenario India’s population in increasing day by day. Along with this increasing population demand of food is also mounting. For fulfilling this need and getting greater outcome from our agricultural land we are using fertilizer. This is also visible that these fertilizers are harming our body as well as our environment. For making fit and healthy an average Indian is expensing heavy amount. Those who are health cautious they have to visit on different healthcare places for making self fit and healthy.

Keeping all these facts Choyang Medical Instrument Co. Ltd. arrived in India in the year 2010 with a mission to improve health of every Indian. The motto of Choyang Medical Co. Ltd. in India is “A HEALTHY INDIA & HAPPY INDIA”.

Choyang Medical’ therapy is based on a special stone which is well known as ”Gwi Sa Mun Suk”. It means “Energy Provider Stone”. This precious stone is a mixture of different natural components. With the help of this unique material Choyang Medical uses Alternative Therapy. Alternative therapy is a combination of natural therapy such as MoxibustionChiropracticMassageAcupuncture,Bio-Waves,TremblingThermal FIR and Acupressure. Alternative therapy is an ancient way of therapy which was forgotten as human becomes advanced. Now the demand of alternative therapy is constantly mounting and widely used and accepted in European and American nations. At present Choyang Medical is spreading health awareness and respecting and understanding emotion of the people of more than 73 countries. And in India till 2015 Choyang India has plan to open 3000 fully equipped therapy centers; so that every single Indian can get proper healthcare facility.Join Choyang India and be a part of a Choyang India’s campaign of healthy and happy society……..

Santosh Prasad