Global CEO Message



The increasing interest in and expectation for healthy life are leading to the increase of consumers’ need for new products. This would be because modern people desire life full of energy and vitality with physical and mental health.
To satisfy the need of the entire world, Choyang Medical Instrument has always been with the people ever since foundation. Choyang Medical Instrument is continuously endeavoring to develop new materials with the world to enjoy healthy living.

Now, in the 21st century, Choyang Medical Instrument is practicing customer satisfaction management to place the top priority in healthy life of consumers. Through continuous research and love for the human race, Choyang Medical Instrument will continuously endeavor to provide the best products and services.
In the days ahead, Choyang Medical Instrument, by placing the top priority in ‘healthy living and energetic life’, will always be at the side of our customers. In addition, Choyang Medical Instrument will exert the best effort to develop medical instrument industry of Korea to the global standard and therefore to serve as the foundation of creating the advanced Korea.
At the same time as advancing as the world’s top class medical instrument company, Choyang Medical Instrument promises to make the best effort as a reliable partner that grows and develops with our customers.

Mr. Gyu Seok Baek


Choyang Medical Instrument co. ltd.