About Us


Choyang Medical Instrument Co. Ltd. is a South Korea based company which is awarded and beloved for good service and incomparable products all over the world. Choyang Medical’s first brick founded in the year 1993 and this company got incorporated in 1999 by visionary person and present Global CEO Mr. Gyu Seak Baek. Choyang Medical was established with a mission to make a healthy and happy world. Along with this mission Choyang Medical is spreading health awareness and benefits of healthy life. At present mission of Choyang Medical is being spread through extremely innovative peoples in around 73 countries because Choyang Medical’s therapy concept and products are based on last long imagination of Mr. Gyu Seak Baek which is well known “Alternative Medicine”. In simple words “Alternative Medicine” can be understood as “No Surgical Cut, No Bitter Pill, Only Great Relief”.

For commitment of making a healthy & happy society in whole world Choyang Medical has received many awards. Organization like UNESCO has recognized Choyang Medical’s humanitarian work for society. With the chant word “Health, Beauty & Fitness” and “Client’s Health First” Choyang Medical Instrument Co. Ltd. is spreading health awareness in many country. Choyang medical came in India in the year of 2010 with the same mission and in a very small span of time became a household name in India. Presently Choyang India is providing its services in every state with the help of 35 well equipped channel partners. This counting is getting bigger shape continuously.

You are heartily welcome to join this health awareness mission of Choyang Medical.